M & S Rent To Own

PO  Box 722

Henderson, TN  38340

Phone (731) 608-0916


Rent To Own - Payments that fit your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about Rent To Own and provide the answers to those questions. If you have additional questions, please send an e-mail to ms.rent.to.own@gmail.com.

Do you require a deposit?

M & S Rent To Own requires 1 - 2 month's payment(s) prior to the delivery of your unit depending on the term selected. This payment(s) are applied to your contract term.

When do my payments begin?

We do not begin invoicing customers until the unit has been delivered and the customer has signed the Delivery Approval sheet. Your payment will then be due around 30 days from the delivery date.

Can I purchase the unit after I have entered the Rent To Own contract?

You can pay off your contract at any time with NO penalties. M & S Rent To Own applies a discount to your contract agreement based on the term of the contract and the number of payments left on your contract term. 

What if I can no longer pay for my unit?

The Rent To Own contract is a month to month agreement. You can terminate your contract at any time. Just call or e-mail us and we will schedule a convenient time to retrieve the unit.

Do you report to credit agencies?

We do not report to credit agencies. Credit reports are not requested or reviewed to determine eligibility.

Do I have to wait for an approval to participate?

No. We give instant approval with the completion of all the lease information and receipt of your initial payment.

What are my options for making monthly payments?

We have several convenient ways to make your monthly payment:

  1. Online by ACH, Credit, or Debit at www.msrto.com. A convenience fee will be applied to ANY online payment. You can also set your account up for monthly AutoPay. If you do not have your account number to pay online, please call our office or e-mail customer service at ms.rent.to.own@gmail.com and we will provide that for you. 
  2.  Set up monthly AutoPay or make a one time payment by phone at 731-608-0916.
  3. Mail your check or money order to the address found on your monthly statement.
  4. Please do not make your payment at Stolls Woodcraft and Metal as we are a seperate company.