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Rent To Own - Payments that fit your lifestyle.


Rent To Own is simply an alternative financing tool for consumers to gain access to the storage shed, gazebo or playhouse they want or need. Rent To Own is not a loan, and our program is not a credit card. We purchase the unit from participating retailers and then lease the product to the customer.

Benefits of Rent To Own:

  1. Early purchase option availiable at any time during the term of the contract.
  2. We offer 36, 48, or 60 month contract term options.
  3. Ability to return the product at any time with no further obligations.
  4. No credit check, so your credit score is not impacted.
  5. Low Down Payment
  6. Leases are not classified as "Loans" and interest rates do not fluctuate allowing you to budget your payment each month.                  
  7. Great alternative to off-site storage.

Early Buyout Option: 

In the traditional world of leasing, consumers ordinarily must complete the whole leasing period before they have the option to purchase the item and become the owners.  We offer you the flexibility of buying out your contract at any time. There are NO penalites or extra fees if you choose to make an early payoff.  In fact, you save money if you choose to payoff the contract early.

90 Days Same as Cash: 

With this option, the 90 days starts on the day the building is delivered to your property. To find out when the 90 day option will end on your contract, call our office or e-mail customer service at ms.rent.to.own@gmail.com and we will get that information to you.

We have the most flexible payment terms with guaranteed approval, no credit score impact and the ability to own at the end of the contract term.


                                                         Why just rent when you can Rent To Own!